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Updated May 15, 2021
free products from home tester club

Home Tester Club is a great product testing program that sends many full-size freebies! You won’t get approved for everything, but many Freeflys members get quite a few and lots of them are full-size products. Click here to register or login and go to the “Test” section to see what free products are available right now.

Current opportunities:
FREE sunscreen Product
FREE Stationary Products
FREE Holiday Treats
FREE Screen Protectors
FREE Holiday Candy
FREE children food and drinking equipment products. More free baby stuff here.

FREE Bath Products for Kids
FREE Neutrogena Clear Coverage Flawless Matte CC Cream
FREE Needoh Stress Ball
FREE Laundry Products
FREE Eau de Juice Fragrance Set
FREE Spray Deodorant for males
FREE Portable Solid Drives
FREE Performance shoe insoles
FREE handheld or handsfree light devices
FREE bath/apothecary set or LED unicorn mirror
FREE Self-Tanning Products
FREE Toys for Children
FREE Eau de Juice Women Fragrances. More FREE Fragrance Samples here.
FREE Holiday Candy
FREE Tablets
FREE Children’s tablet cases
FREE Sleeves/Protectors
FREE iPhone Cases
FREE Tablet Accessories
FREE AirTag key ring holder or strap
FREE Acne Skincare Products
FREE Kid Toothpaste
FREE Teeth Whitening Products
FREE power bank
FREE Spray Deodorant
FREE handheld or handsfree lights
FREE Car Products
FREE exfoliating treatment
FREE Curly Hair Products
FREE Among Us Plush Assortment
FREE skincare product
FREE Children Toys
FREE Tweezerman Nail Products
FREE Tweezerman Facial Razor
FREE facial moisturizer
FREE Hair fragrance
FREE anti-aging retinol serum
FREE Brow And Lash Products
FREE Teeth Whitening Products
FREE Female “Fertility Friendly” Lubricant. Get more Free Baby Stuff here.
FREE Airtag protective holder
FREE No Sugar Added Candy
FREE Bath/Body Care Sets
FREE Storage Containers
FREE Teeth Whitening Products
FREE Cold & Flu Reflief Product
FREE Dishwasher or Sink Garbage Disposal Cleaner
FREE Foaming Soap Tablets
FREE Body/Face Hair Removal Products
FREE BelVita/ Newtons/ Oreo thins/ Wheat thins or Nutter Butter/ Oreo/ Chips Ahoy!/ Sour Patch Kids/ Swedish Fish Snack Bundles
FREE Alarm Clocks
FREE stationary products
FREE Nail Kits
FREE LOL, Disney, Rainbow or Frozen cosmetics sets for kids
FREE Bodycology bath sets
FREE Dr Teal’s bath sets
FREE Girl’s Bedwetting Products
FREE Aloe Vera Skin Care Products
FREE Organic Stevia
FREE children toys
FREE Bloomfield and Biophilia Bath Products Bundle
FREE humidifier
FREE children toys
FREE Make up blenders, make up brushes and Make up brush holder
FREE Skincare Products
FREE anti-itch products
FREE Acne Products
FREE Women’s Bladder Leakage Products
FREE Topical Pain Relief Product
FREE mineral sunscreen
FREE Make Up Cases
FREE adapters
FREE Apple MagSafe Charger Holder
FREE Starbust or Dum Dums lollipops
FREE Dish Soap
FREE Microwaves
FREE Christmas Children’s Arts & Crafts
FREE Bath Bombs
FREE New cellular health nutritional products #1
FREE New cellular health nutritional products #2

FREE Tween Beauty & Bath Sets
FREE Hand Held Vacuums
FREE toothpaste
FREE snacks
FREE Bath/Relaxation Products
FREE Family Pain Relief Products
FREE Baby Products.
FREE Body Wash
FREE handheld & handsfree lights
FREE Car Care Products
FREE Mr Bubble bathwater colors
FREE Village Naturals Bath oil & body wash
FREE Love To Dream baby swaddlesMORE FREE BABY STUFF HERE.
FREE Colgate Smart Battery Powered Toothbrush
FREE weight management supplement
FREE toys bundles
FREE snacks
FREE journals
FREE Coffee Machines
FREE mini fridge
FREE toss and catch toy set
FREE Body Cream
FREE air fry toaster oven
FREE Arthritis topical pain product
FREE 7 blade razor
FREE Adventure Force Stunt RC Car or Car Garage
FREE Dart Blaster toys
FREE phone or gaming protectors
FREE Adventure Force Dart Blasters
FREE Adventure Force Free Wheeling Metal Vehicle Toys
FREE phone cases for Galaxy & Motorola phones
FREE Hand sanitizing product
FREE perfume
FREE Body Mist Fragrances
FREE Christmas decorations
FREE Feminine Wash Product
FREE Nicotine replacement products #1
FREE Nicotine replacement products #2
Free Air Fragrance Product
FREE Dish soap
FREE microwave
FREE RC toys
FREE Dart/Ball Blasters #1
FREE Dart/Ball Blasters #2
FREE baby diapers. More FREE baby stuff here.
FREE chargers for Apple devices
FREE printer
FREE Sanitizing Spray
FREE ink cartridge for your printer
FREE Adventure Force Motorized Vehicle toys
FREE Beauty Tools
FREE children toyFREE Extension cords and wall tapsFREE Sexual wellness devices
FREE Colgate Battery Powered Toothbrushes
FREE Electric Bread Maker
FREE Hello Kitty Doll Jeep Toy
FREE Luxury Brand Shampoo & Conditioner
FREE washer cleaning product
FREE Mood Lighting products
FREE Displayport to HDMI adapter
FREE HDMI to VGA Adapter
FREE Mini & Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter
FREE Cable cover

FREE phone case
FREE phone case
FREE phone case
FREE phone case
FREE phone case
FREE Ipad cases and screen protectors
FREE phone case
FREE Ink Cartridges For Your Printer
FREE hand soap
FREE Samsung Screen Protectors
FREE body/and or hand lotion
FREE anti-itch lotion
FREE Dinosaur toys
FREE children toys
FREE sunscreen product
FREE kid sunscreen
FREE face moisturizer
FREE Light Devices
FREE Hands-Free Mop & Bucket System
FREE Concealer, CC Cream foundation or Setting spray
FREE children toys
FREE probiotic supplement
FREE headlamp, spotlight or flashlight
FREE car care products
FREE Face Serum, Moisturizer or Cleanser
FREE tasty snacks
FREE Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
FREE bluetooth tracker
FREE hot wheel children toy
FREE Maximum Strength Zantac 360° Tablets
FREE Cucumbers Soothing Face Wipes For Allergy Sufferers
FREE facial moisturizers
FREE face skincare products
FREE Computer Monitors
FREE planters
FREE Oreo, RITZ, Chips Ahoy! & Sour Patch Kids Snack Packs
FREE 36″ Soundbar
FREE Throat Lozenges or Cough Drops
FREE food product
FREE LED Lighting Product
FREE Recording Equipment
FREE dinosaur toy
FREE hygiene products
FREE Adhesive Bandages
FREE children toys
FREE foot care products
More FREE foot care products
FREE Organic tasty snacks
FREE Glow Body Lotion
FREE Kitchen organizer product
FREE luxury haircare products
FREE cold remedies
FREE Sticky Notes
FREE 4-Luxury hair products bundle: 2 Shampoos, 1 Conditioner, 1 Hair Mask
FREE OTC sleep aids
FREE skin care products
FREE Body Spray or Powder For Sweating
FREE women’s jeans
FREE storage unit
FREE acne skincare products
FREE female personal wipes
FREE Girls Knit Sneakers
FREE makeup products
FREE children’s tablet case
FREE Fruit Bar or Fruit Bites
FREE TV shelf for devices
FREE ink cartridge
FREE menstrual pads
FREE period products
FREE upscaling DVD player
FREE Organic Hazelnut Spread
FREE kitchen, bathrrom and storage Products
FREE Blood Pressure Monitor
FREE Cover For 58-inch Outdoor Patio Furniture

FREE Children’s Toys/Games
FREE Pet Bowl or Blanket
FREE 2-Bike Floor Stand or 2-Pack Bike Hoist Storage Kit
FREE hand & body lotion
FREE Natural Immune or Sleep Gummies
FREE phone recording equipment
FREE cordless all-in-one wet/dry vacuum cleaner
FREE clothing storage product
FREE “grip free” paintbrush
FREE 4-count cable cover
HDMI to VGA Adapter Connector Cable
FREE mood lighting product
FREE Nestlé Toll House Milk Chocolate Morsels
FREE Thin Crust Mexican Style Pizza
FREE electric kettle
FREE broth
FREE Programmable Coffeemaker
FREE Disco lamp product with a speaker integrated
FREE cookies
FREE TV, speaker system & other large electronics
FREE humidifier
FREE skincare products
FREE fragrance-free micellar cleansing milk or refreshing jelly cleanser suitable for all skin types
FREE skincare products
FREE face Oil, Moisturizer or Cleanser
FREE electric heating mug
FREE Hair Care Products
FREE Mattress Topper, Duvet Set, Comforters or Pillows
FREE kids storage products
FREE Colgate Toothpaste
FREE Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush
FREE feminine products
FREE Hair Tools & Accessories
FREE women’s incontinence products
FREE pain medication
FREE haircare products for blondes
Smoothing Hair Products
FREE self-tanner
FREE hand cream
FREE baby diapers. After that, head over to learn how to get FREE baby stuff!
FREE shampoo for dry scalp dandruff / Scalp psoriasis
FREE electronic cables
FREE Adhesive Bandages
FREE sunscreen
FREE luxury hair care samples
FREE robot vacuum cleaner
FREE dishwashing products
FREE bedwetting product for kids
FREE calculator
FREE pack of multi-surface wipes
FREE toaster
FREE tape measure
FREE hair product
FREE 5pc Purse Spray Gift Set
FREE massage therapy tools
FREE hand-warming device, mug with electric heating coaster or electronic device charger
FREE Neutrogena makeup products
FREE baby products. More free baby stuff here.
FREE walkie talkie
FREE body wash
FREE Stainless steel beverage cups
FREE incontinence underwear
FREE packaged flavored rice side dishes
FREE Spray Mop
2 FREE full-size hair products
FREE Natural Eco-Friendly Mouthwash
FREE Whitening Oral Care products
FREE Flower Beauty makeup products
FREE mouthwash product
FREE Oral Care Products
3 FREE Hair Products
FREE hair care products
FREE OTC sleep aids
FREE Chocolate & Strawberry milk drinks
FREE Whitening Oral Care product
2 FREE hair products
FREE Microwave, Toaster oven or Air Fryer
FREE frozen meals
FREE frozen food products
FREE frozen food items
FREE vegan food products
FREE glow body lotion
FREE oral health products
FREE Topical pain product
FREE nail products
FREE LED color changing light strip
FREE phone accessories
FREE USB battery charger
FREE skincare product
FREE phone cases
FREE Samsung phone cases
FREE iPhone cases
FREE Tablet/ iPad device cases
FREE screen protectors for your tablet or iPad device
FREE phone screen protectors for different kinds of phones
FREE flushable wet wipes
FREE set of luxury hair products
FREE sanitizing pack including hand sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizing gel, latex gloves, and a face mask
FREE audio/video recording equipment
FREE wood fire starter
FREE product
FREE children’s toothbrush
FREE flavored fruit, nut, and oat snack bites

FREE iPhone cases
FREE flashlight
FREE Sunscreen product
FREE pet food
FREE baking mixes
FREE onn. Tablet
FREE sunscreen products
FREE hair shampoo & conditioner
FREE mattress protector
FREE baby bottle warmer
FREE Festive chocolates, sweets and treats
FREE color changing light bulb
FREE HDMI Adapter Cable
FREE weighted blanket
FREE purple shampoo suitable for blondes, highlights, white & grey tones
FREE hair shampoo & conditioner
FREE natural hair products
FREE mini fridge
FREE luxury dog bed
FREE bed sheets set
FREE facial cleaners
FREE Biore skincare products
FREE DVD player
FREE Bio Oil dry skin gel moisturizer
FREE sunscreen product
FREE UV sanitizer device
FREE Flashlight Lantern, Area light, Clip on light or LED spotlight
FREE light devices
FREE holiday chocolate treats
FREE re-usable cup for your child
FREE paper shredders
FREE eye drops
FREE wireless headphones
FREE portable cooler or mini fridge
FREE screen protector for your mobile/tablet device
FREE hand sanitizing wipes
FREE walkie talkie set
FREE movie snack set
FREE Hot beverage cups and mugs
FREE massager
FREE vacuum cleaner
FREE variety pack of snacks
FREE sunscreen product
FREE personal wellness product
FREE skincare product
FREE lip product
FREE baby products. After that, head over to learn how to get FREE baby care products!

FREE baby oil
FREE Ariana Grande perfume
FREE Ariana Grande body mist
FREE girls perfume
FREE girls body mists
FREE trivet & pot holder
FREE hair products
FREE cold brew coffee
FREE Halloween candy

FREE flashlight, lantern or LED lamp
FREE flashlight, lantern or LED lamp
FREE Healthy Sweetener Condiment
FREE acne skincare products
FREE Insulated Stainless-Steel Cups
FREE printer cartridges
FREE printer cartridges
FREE batteries
FREE Halloween popcorn
FREE Unicorn Frappe Kit
FREE Craft beer flight set
FREE Party Size Twinkies® Baking Kit
FREE nail grinder for pets
FREE robot vacuum cleaner
FREE hand lotion
FREE phone accessory including phone tripods, ring lights, phone Sanitizer or clip-on mount
FREE festive chocolates
FREE pack of pens
FREE electronic device adapters & chargers
FREE dry skin gel moisturizer
FREE Halloween snacks
FREE natural sheer nail polish
FREE manicure starter kit complete with 10 beautiful Gel Polish manicures and an LED Lamp
FREE laundry storage item
FREE storage basket
FREE kitchen storage item
FREE clothing storage item
FREE bikini bump remover pads
FREE halo ring light
FREE massage device
FREE phone accessory
FREE kid alarm clock
FREE bedwetting product
FREE bean bag chair
FREE mini fridge for skincare products
FREE mini fridge for snack/drinks
FREE cheese product #1
FREE cheese product #2
FREE cheese product #3
FREE Antiperspirant Deodorant
FREE body lotion
FREE skincare products
FREE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
FREE nursing pads
FREE acne skincare product
FREE Infection Protection Antibiotic Ointment
FREE Oat Skincare Product
FREE lounge and sleeping pants
FREE Aloe & Eucalyptus Foaming Soap
FREE Dove Mango Butter or Green Clay Body Wash
FREE ipad case
FREE podcast microphone
FREE Pepper Spray keychain
FREE skin care product #1
FREE skincare products #2
FREE skincare products #3
FREE Bluetooth tracking device
FREE wireless portable charger for your smartphone device
FREE hands free neck mount for your smartphone
FREE lava lamp with integrated speaker
FREE mood lighting product
FREE power flashlight and power bank
2 FREE hair products
FREE Baby/Kids Shampoo & Conditioner

FREE kid’s toothbrushes
FREE teeth whitening product
FREE Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
FREE 8- AND 12-Digit Calculators
FREE Hair removal products
FREE pedicure products
FREE children’s cough & flu products
FREE probiotics
FREE brain & focus supplements
FREE Holistic supplements
FREE Tanning Mousse & Mitt
FREE Body Lotion
FREE hand sanitizers
FREE Colgate electric toothbrush
FREE Health supplements
FREE joint supplement
FREE Electric Ceramic Nonstick Griddle
FREE pack of straws
FREE Fixed TV Mount
2 FREE Hair Products
FREE Children’s Training Underwear
FREE Color Changing Light Bulb
FREE Stack & Go Tableware for 6-24 months old children.
FREE 12-ft or 100-ft Speaker Audio Cables
FREE premium child’s tableware products
FREE mood lighting kits
FREE HD audio cable
FREE TV Indoor Dual-Color Amplified Antenna
FREE USB Flash Drive
FREE phone sanitizer with aroma
FREE USB Flash Drive Up To 128GB
FREE infant products. After that, head over to learn how to get FREE baby stuff!
FREE Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

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A few things to know: Remember to be patient, samples may take 2 to 8 weeks to arrive in the mail and they are shipped directly from the manufacturer, not Freeflys.  Freeflys is a directory, we cover freebies like a news outlet covers the news.
The best way to get the most freebies is to sign-up for text alerts so you know right away when a freebie goes live and you can be amongst the first to claim one.  If you need some help getting freebies, visit this page.

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