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Updated May 5, 2023
free stickers

Did you know that there are hundreds of companies that are willing to send you a sticker for free just for asking? Stickers are one of the most popular freebies available year-round, and companies mail them for free. Companies offer these free stickers to get your attention, introduce and promote their brand. In just a few minutes, you could have as many as 20, 30, or maybe even a hundred stickers ordered to be mailed to you.

We constantly research free stickers to find the best free stickers with no strings attached. Below is an up-to-date list of free stickers currently available. Click the ones that you want to receive and fill out the form to request them for free and receive them in the mail in just a couple of weeks (some may take longer). You can request as many as you wish. From political & social stickers to support your causes, to fun product stickers, to fashion stickers for your Hydro Flask & Stanley bottles or notebooks or devices to look trendy, to inspiring stickers to spread love & wellness, there are stickers for pretty much anything! Kids love them and many adults also make it a hobby to collect them.

Get More Free Stuff

And if you’re not seeing the stickers you’re looking for, reach out to whatever company or association you want stickers from! Go to their website and send them an email explaining that you are a fan of their products/services and that you would love to receive some stickers. Don’t forget to include your postal address. You’ll be surprised how many will respond, send you stickers and maybe even some other free swag!

Our list of websites where you can find free stickers will help you get started. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about getting free stickers online, including the most common types of offers, how to request free stickers, and tips for making the most of these offers.

– NEW! FREE Lights Out! Sea Turtles Dig the Dark Bumper Sticker
– NEW! Free Watercraft ID Sticker
Free Annie’s stickers
Free “Bans Off Our Bodies” Sticker
Free Colored Goat Backcountry sticker
Free BITCOIN Orange Pill Pack Sticker Pack
Free Peta Animal Stickers
Free Netflix Jr Sticker Sheets
free netflix jr sticker sheets
Free Saucony stickers
Free Limited Edition Greenpeace Sticker
Free Enfamil belly badges stickers
Free Happy Sloth Co. Sticker Pack
Free Coca-Cola stickers – reach out to them to request stickers
free coca cola stickers
Free Heart Health Sticker
Free Bread For the World Sticker
Free “Protect Trans Youth” sticker
Free RBG Sticker
Free Pantagonia stickers
2 Free Stickers from Weaver Leather Supply
Free Cotopaxi llama sticker
Free Keds Sticker Pack
free keds stickers
Free ‘I Suck At Drawing’ Stickers
Free Strong Women Stick Together Sticker
Free ‘We Are Undeniable’ Sticker
Free The Last Kids on Earth Keychain, Pin, Sticker & More
Free Duluth Pack Moose Sticker
Free Sticker Sample Pack from StickerYou
Free Moose Tracks Nation Sticker
– Free In-N-Out Burger stickers. Just ask for them when you’re in one of their restaurants
free in out stickers
Free “A Man is Not a Financial Plan Bumper” Sticker
Free Texas Oil and Natural Gas Sticker
Free Sperry Sticker Pack
Free ILY “I Love You” Stickers
Free No Farm, No Food stickers
Free Sticker or Pin from YCOD
free ycod stickers
Free Southern Marsh Collection Stickers
Free Business Decals from Discovery
Free Keep America Bountiful Campaign Sticker
Free Sugarloaf Sticker

Free PRO-Keds Stickers
Free Postcard & Decal from Explore 131 North
Free Stickers from POW Gloves USA
Free #StillServing Decal
5 Free YETI stickers.
Free Branded Simplemachine Sticker
Free TEL sticker

Free Augustana College Stickers
Free The Wall Sticker Company sticker
Free Whimsical Wolf sticker
Free Keep Laundry Packets Up & Away From Kids Cling
Free LifeTalk Radio Stickers
Free “We fuel the Future” bumper sticker
Free Pepsi stickers – reach out to them to request stickers
Free Protect Skagit Farmland, Pavement is Forever Bumper Sticker
Free Athletic Trainer bumper sticker
Free Texas Rising Hat Sticker
Free Mike Mongo astronaut sticker

Free Import Crate Stickers
Free OPVN stickers
2 Free Valvoline Stickers. Sign-up and then click on the “rewards” tab to get your free stickers.
free valvoline stickers
Free Save Our Pets Window Cling
Free PETA animal stickers
Free Freezer Labels and Stickers Sample Pack

Gatorade Stickers. Message them by hitting “Share a comment or compliment”.
Skip the straw sticker
Visa merchant stickers
American Express stickers
Apple Pay stickers
free apple stickers
Google Pay stickers
Burton stickers
Pelican Coast stickers

New free stickers become available all the time so keep checking this page as I am adding new ones all the time as they become available.

Everything You Need To Know About Free Stickers:

How can I get free stickers?
You can get free stickers by requesting them from companies that offer them as part of their promotional efforts. This can be done by filling out an online form, sending an email or following instructions on a company’s website.

Are free stickers really free?
Yes, free stickers are really free. Companies offer them as a promotional item and do not charge any money for them. However, some companies may require that you pay for shipping or handling fees.

How many free stickers can I get?
There is no limit to the number of free stickers you can request. However, some companies may have limits on the number of free stickers they are willing to send to a single address.

Can I request free stickers from any company?
You can request free stickers from any company that offers them. However, keep in mind that some companies may only offer free stickers for a limited time or in limited quantities.

Do I need to provide my personal information to get free stickers?
Some companies may require you to provide your personal information in order to receive free stickers. However, it is important to only provide your personal information to reputable companies and to be cautious of any phishing attempts.

How long does it take to receive free stickers?
The amount of time it takes to receive free stickers varies depending on the company you are requesting them from. Some companies may send them out within a few days, while others may take several weeks.

Can I request free stickers if I live outside the US?
Some companies may only offer free stickers to US residents, while others may offer them to international residents as well. It is important to check the company’s website or offer details to see if they are available in your country.

What can I do with free stickers?
You can use free stickers to decorate your personal belongings such as your laptop, water bottle, or car. They are also great for scrapbooking or adding to your sticker collection.

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A few things to know: Remember to be patient, samples may take 2 to 8 weeks to arrive in the mail and they are shipped directly from the manufacturer, not Freeflys.  Freeflys is a directory, we cover freebies like a news outlet covers the news.
The best way to get the most freebies is to sign-up for text alerts so you know right away when a freebie goes live and you can be amongst the first to claim one.  If you need some help getting freebies, visit this page.

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