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Updated June 15, 2020

Absolutely FREE stickers! Updated list of free stickers currently available. We've compiled it all for you here.

free stickers

There are hundreds of absolutely FREE stickers that you can get! We found the best free stickers with no strings attached. Below is an up-to-date list of currently available stickers. Click the ones that you want and fill out the form to request them for free and start receiving them in the mail in just a couple of weeks (some take longer). You can request as many as you wish. From political & social stickers to support your causes, to fun product stickers, to fashion stickers for your Hydro Flask bottles or notebooks or devices to look trendy, to inspiring stickers to spread love & welness, there are stickers for pretty much anything! Kids love them and many adults also make it a hobby to collect them.

NOTE: Get more free stuff here

And if you’re not seeing the stickers you’re looking for, reach out to whatever company or association you want stickers from! Go to their website and send them an email explaining that you are a fan of their products/services and that you would love to receive some stickers. Don’t forget to include your postal address. You’ll be surprised how many will respond, send you stickers and maybe even some other free swag!

– NEW! Free Durango Colorado Sticker Set
Free Sperry Sticker Pack
FREE Body Glove Sticker
FREE Pop Art Ave Holographic Sticker
FREE Climate Justice Sticker
Free J103, JRadio and Come On Let’s Go Stickers
FREE Fresh Outta Quarantine Sticker
FREE Stickers from POW Gloves USA
Free Equality for All Sticker

FREE Protect Public Lands Sticker
FREE Equal Pay Bumper Sticker
12 FREE Stickers from Colored By Cass
FREE supply of animal rights stickers
2 FREE Weaver Arborist Stickers!
FREE Pride Sticker
FREE Jerk Your Meat Sticker
FREE Weaver Leather Supply Stickers
FREE Weaver Arborist Stickers
FREE Be ******* Nice Sticker
FREE Anti-Speciesism Stickers
FREE Vape Streetwear Stickers
FREE Ride Wisconsin Classic Sticker
FREE Fish Catch Logo Classic Sticker
FREE OtRainbow Sample pack (20-30 pcs)
2 FREE Terrain D.O.G. Stickers
Free End the Filibuster Sticker
FREE “Tax the Rich” Sticker
FREE QuaranTEAM Sticker
FREE Earth Day Sticker
FREE End Gun Violence Sticker
FREE limited-edition Save USPS sticker
FREE I Love Atlassian Cloud Sticker
FREE #StillServing Decal
FREE Women: Proudly Serving Since 1776 Sticker
SnowDogg Decal
FREE Resilite Decal
FREE Saucony stickers
Keds Sticker Pack
FREE Green Peace Sticker
Sticker You sticker sample pack
FREE MILWAUKEE die-cut decal
5 FREE YETI stickers. Enter your shipping information, add your 12 digit serial number, select your product and note where it was purchased.
FREE Branded Simplemachine Sticker
FREE “Stand With Black Women” sticker
FREE PRO-Keds Stickers
FREE Claar Cellars Label Sticker Pack
FREE TEL sticker
Enfamil belly badges stickers
FREE Augustana College Stickers
FREE “The Wind” Decal
FREE International Water Safety Day
Jack Links Sticker. Just select “I would like a sticker” in the dropdown options
FREE The Wall Sticker Company sticker
FREE Oklahoma #OKHereWeGO Sticker Pack
FREE Goat Backcountry sticker
FREE Stickers From Rundeck
FREE Whimsical Wolf sticker
Sea Turtles Lights Out Bumper Sticker
Cotopaxi llama sticker
Keep Laundry Packets Up & Away From Kids Cling
FREE Annie’s stickers. NOTE: You can leave the part that asks for a UPC blank
FREE Champlain College stickers
#POSITIVITY Moshe Popack Sticker
FREE Honeybee Gardens Stickers
LifeTalk Radio Stickers
No Justice No Peace Sticker
“Demand Undocu Relief” sticker
FREE “We fuel the Future” bumper sticker
FREE “Vote Climate 2020” sticker
FREE limited-edition Save USPS sticker
FREE Pray For America Bumper-Sticker
Pepsi stickers – reach out to them to request stickers
Coca-Cola stickers – reach out to them to request stickers
Protect Skagit Farmland, Pavement is Forever Bumper Sticker
FREE Rundeck stickers
FREE Athletic Trainer bumper sticker
FREE Left Hand Garage Sticker Pack
Save the USPS Sticker
FREE GeekFluent Stickers
Texas Rising Hat Sticker
Mike Mongo astronaut sticker
Sinclair Dino Oil Sticker
Nane The Band Sticker
FREE Moose Tracks Nation Sticker
– FREE Hydro Flask Stickers: Send a self addressed stamped postage paid envelope to: Hydro Flask, Attention: Stickers, 1331 South Seventh Street, 2nd Floor, Chambersburg, PA 17201 and they will ship out a sticker pack in a few business days.

Misleader Bumper Sticker
TeachKind Stickers
Obama legacy sticker
Punisher Skateboards Stickers
FREE #OKHereWeGO Sticker Pack
FREE The Lucky Knot Stickers
FREE Hook & Tackle Stickers
Import Crate Stickers
Simpemachine Gears Sticker
Joe Biden For President Sticker
Geezer Skate Stickers
Wright State Sticker Sheet
FREE Common Sense Party sticker
Southern Marsh Collection Stickers
FREE OPVN stickers
2 FREE Valvoline Stickers. Sign-up and then click on the “rewards” tab to get your free stickers.
Data Beats Opinion Sticker Pack
Pantagonia stickers
It’s Time To Go Vegan sticker
Equality = Sticker from the HRC (Human Rights Campaign)
Boardcave Stickers
Nyzo Stickers
FREE American Prairie Wooden Sticker
Set of Commemorative Mining Stickers
Pow Gloves sticker pack
No Tacos For Ice Sticker
Delight mom & dad stickers
Save Our Pets Window Cling
FREE PETA animal stickers
Make Stickers Sample Pack
FREE Annie’s stickers
Childhood Cancer Isn’t Cute Sticker
I Pink I Can Magnet
Freezer Labels and Stickers Sample Pack

CoraJohn Outdoor Outfitters Sticker
Freestyle USA Sticker
Project7 stickers
Keds stickers
Honeybee Gardens Stickers – only offered on Mondays
Netlify stickers
AllergyEats window stickers
Rise & Pray Window Cling
Refugees Welcome Always Stickers
Mast General Store Stickers
Boxy Mouse Stickers
Drive For Others’ Lives Bumper Sticke
Consider The Egg Sticker
Mogu Mogu Stickers
Love Each Other stickers
How To Jump Your Car Battery Sticker
Resist Deportations Sticker

Racer X Online Stickers
Run Ink Stickers
Shake & Fold Stickers
A Man is Not a Financial Plan Bumper Sticker
Never Quit Union Sticker
Safe Clean Water Stickers
Gatorade Stickers. Message them by hitting “Share a comment or compliment”.
Safety Alert Stickers
Skip the straw sticker
PETA Social Justice Stickers
Still My President sticker
Y’all Means All Bumper Sticker
Visa merchant stickers
American Express stickers
Apple Pay stickers
Google Pay stickers
Burton stickers
Almost skateboards stickers
Trump Pence stickers
TNT firewords stickers
No Farm, No Food stickers

Together We Rise stickers
Yellow Dog stickers
Equal Pay for Equal Work sticker
Get Drunk, Not Fat sticker
Change gun laws stickers
Stop Sexism sticker
Save the planet stickers
Elizabeth Warren stickers
Pelican Coast stickers
– In-N-Out Burger stickers. Get free In-N-Out Burger stickers just by asking when you’re in one of their restaurants
RVCA stickers
ASPCA Emergency Pet Alert Sticker
Dump Starbucks sticker
Equality sticker
Generate Kindess sticker
Vultr stickers

New free stickers become available all the time so keep checking this page as we’ll add new ones as they become available. If you find a sticker on this list that is no longer available, please contact us to let us know.

(This post may contain affiliate links. We only partner with brands we trust.)

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A few things to know: Remember to be patient, samples may take 2 to 8 weeks to arrive in the mail and they are shipped directly from the manufacturer, not Freeflys.  Freeflys is a directory, we cover freebies like a news outlet covers the news.
The best way to get the most freebies is to sign-up for text alerts so you know right away when a freebie goes live and you can be amongst the first to claim one.  If you need some help getting freebies, visit this page.

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