The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Free Samples As A Product Tester

Updated December 21, 2017

You'll never have to buy a new product before trying it again thanks to these awesome product testing websites. Keep reading to learn more!


Never buy before you try again by testing new products as often as possible, thanks to these amazing product testing websites.

It’s hard to believe, but there are product testing websites that will let you try just about everything—for free—and all you need is to know where to look.

The easiest way to score free stuff is by using your online presence to help companies build their brand and get the word out.

Those with a strong social media presence are certainly going to get first dibs, but you don’t have to be an Instagram star to snag free samples.

Social Testing Sites

These sites are looking for people to test their products and spread the word, so the more freebies you show off online, the better.

Fill out surveys, post photos, write reviews—do it all. The more often you talk about these products, the more likely sites are to send you free stuff.

  1. BzzAgent: Score free samples of some of the best top brands and share your thoughts with friends to get even more goodies.
  2. Crowdtap: This site partners with major brands and offers its member opportunities to spread feedback about the free samples they receive.
  3. House Party: Love throwing parties? Then this site is definitely for you! House Party gives its members exclusive access to new products, which they can then test out with their friends at in-home parties for feedback.
  4. Influenster: Review products and share honest opinions within the community. Your reviews may be rewarded with free stuff!
  5. Smiley 360: Post reviews after trying new products to build lasting relationships with top brands.
  6. Swaggable: This popular site allows you to choose which products you’d like to try. After receiving the first sample, write an honest review to score more.
  7. VocalPoint: Special gifts and exclusive parties are offered from brands who want your reviews and opinions on new products.


A lot of free sample sites cater to mothers and parents exclusively, so these are companies you should look into only if you have children at home.

  1. Mom Select: This site is exclusive to moms and mom bloggers who want to try out new products for their children.
  2. Mom’s Meet: Not only will moms get to try and review new products through this site, but there’s also an awesome discussion board for parents to chat.
  3. PTPA – Parent Tested, Parent Approved Panel: This site allows you to try a wide variety of new products, from baby items to brand new electronics.

Old School Product Testing

These sites want more than reviews in exchange for free samples; this is old school product testing. Essentially, these sites want you to review their products in serious detail, so they take quite a bit more time.

  1. Good Housekeeping: To try products for this company, you’ll have to take a survey before you can even be considered as a member.
  2. PCR Global Product Testing: Princeton Consumer Research needs potential consumer to help with clinical testing of cosmetics and skin care products.
  3. Product Testing Services: This is the definition of an old school product testing company. You’ll actually have to full out hard copy surveys and send them in before you can be considered as a product tester.
  4. Toluna: Though located in the UK, Toluna offers exclusive samples for testing to consumers all over the world.

Magazine/Media Affiliated

Most of these products are geared toward woman, so you’ll have to take a survey oriented towards women before you can be considered as a tester.

  1. Oprah Magazine – DevOtees: You’ll take an initial survey before anything, then the site will determine whether or not you’re a good fit for their products.
  2. Pink Panel: This site is Facebook-based, and you’ll be required to take a survey before becoming a panel member.
  3. SheSpeaks: This community website offers consumers a chance to test and review products.
  4. Vogue Insiders: If selected, you’ll get the chance to try out exclusive samples and free products before anybody else!
  5. Instyle Trendsetters: This online community gives women a space to share their thoughts on new styles, trends, and products.

Big Brands

These products are tougher to score, as most major brands are looking for specific types of consumers to test their items. But it never hurts to try!


Brooks Running

Franklin Foods

General Mills

GH Sports

Johnson & Johnson


Mead Products (Teachers Only)


Minute Rice





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