7 Simple Hacks For Scoring Free Perfume Samples

Updated December 21, 2017

Never pay full price for a bottle of perfume again with these easy hacks for scoring free samples of all your favorite scents. Keep reading for more details!


These days, perfume feels like a luxury that most women just can’t afford to keep buying. And until you find your signature scent, you’re stuck trying perfume after perfume.

One bottle can easily set you back $50 or more, and it’s difficult to know which scent works for you until you’ve tested it out a few times.

Instead of wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on perfume, here are some little-known ways you can test out different scents for free.

Ask for Free Samples

The easiest way to score free perfume is simply to ask for it. Many of your favorite stores, like Sephora and Nordstrom, will give you decent sized samples of products if you just ask. If they don’t already have samples to hand out, many locations will actually make one for you right there in the store. If you don’t feel like taking home a sample, however—or you’re just not crazy about any of the scents you find—Sephora always allows you to use their test strips in the store.

Make Your Own Samples

It almost sounds too good to be true, but many department stores have no problem with customers mixing their own perfumes to find their perfect scent. All you have to do is bring in an empty perfume vial and start mixing scents to figure out which combinations you might be interested in buying.

Use Magazines for Research

It’s no secret that most women can’t tell if they like a scent if it’s just sprayed onto a piece of paper. The samples in magazines can, however, help you figure out which types of scents you like and which brands might pique your interest—and that’s certainly better than nothing!

Contact Companies Directly

If you already know which perfume you want to try, contact the company directly and let them know you’re interested in a free sample. Want your free sample quickly? Then it’s best to call the company instead of emailing.

Try the MakeupAlley Swapping Program

MakeupAlley.com is a well-known beauty and makeup swapping site that allows you to exchange products you love with others. This is definitely a great way to help you score a free sample of a perfume you might want to try—plus you can do it all from the comfort of your own couch.

Ask Around

It never hurts to ask friends and relatives for samples of their favorite scents, so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money on pricey perfumes you might end up hating.

Try A Free Sample Website

Free sample websites can be gold mines if you find the right one—just don’t get scammed. Many legit freebie websites offer real free samples and coupons, but some can turn out to be scams. So you certainly don’t want to give out your email address, phone number, or home address out unless it seems like a legitimate free sample site.

With these super easy tips for scoring free samples, you’ll never have to waste money on expensive perfumes ever again!

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