We’ve Got The Perfect Job For Anyone Who Loves Puzzles!

Updated November 10, 2017

Read on to learn more about this unique job that requires a love of puzzles!


Do you love puzzles? They are perfect for a cold or rainy night in, and they’re also a great way to get the family all together around the kitchen table. If you’re bored and on your own, a puzzle is a great way to pass the time and keep your thoughts and actions quick. There are numerous benefits to working with puzzles, aside from the satisfaction that ensues after you’ve completed a challenging one!

If you’re looking to expand your puzzle skills outside of a simple hobby, we’ve got the perfect job for you. As it turns out, The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, is looking to fill a full time position that is all about puzzles.

This role, aptly titled “puzzle cataloger” will be employed to put together more than 7,5000 puzzles for the museum’s collection. If that sounds like a grand time to you, keep reading!

While putting puzzles together is a big part of the job, you also have to have an interest in history. The puzzles you work with will have to be identified and catalogued, as they come from countries all over the world and date back as far as the 1700s!

Here a few other fun facts you’ll want to know about this unique job:

-The puzzle cataloger will need to work with and catalog 7,500 puzzles in 6 months. If that seems like not very much time to complete a large number of puzzles, you’re right. The museum doesn’t expect that cataloger to finish every single puzzle, just to get enough of the image together so that it can be properly identified and catalogued.

-The puzzle cataloguer doesn’t really have to be a pro puzzler, in fact the museum is more so interested in someone who could classify themselves as a history buff, and can accurately identify historical figures and time periods without a lot of information.

-Ideally, the puzzle cataloguer will have a degree in bachelor’s degree in museum studies, history, library science, humanities or something similar. A knowledge of museum scanning software and equipment is also beneficial.

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-The position is for 6 months, but could turn into long-term work. The pay is above minimum wage, and you’re also eligible for benefits like paid time off, holiday pay, and medical coverage!

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Does this sound like your dream job? Apply online by following the link here and be sure to submit a cover letter as well.

Happy puzzling!

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