Maybe There Are Other Women Out There In A Similar Position; Wanting More

Updated November 9, 2017

If you've been thinking about what's next in your life, feeling like something bigger and brighter is out there, shampoo just might be your gig too. Check out the full story for more!


The first time someone asked me to share my story, I vividly remember looking over my shoulder to see which celebrity was standing behind me.

“Who, me?”

It took a few days for me to realize that maybe my story is worth sharing. Maybe there are other women out there in a similar position; wanting more; considering taking a leap, not knowing yet what that leap might entail.

My story in a nutshell: I’ve been (just) a mom and a housewife for 9 (gasp!) years now, and feel tremendously fortunate to have been able to do so. But amidst the sleepless nights, potty training, toddler tantrums, cuddles, proud moments, sports shuttling, soccer Saturdays, and birthday parties, time passed. The version of myself that once was crept quietly, deep into hibernation. The unstoppable Black Belt, the daring, driven, risk-taking, bungee-jumping young me disappeared. Business opportunities presented themselves over the years, but they either weren’t a good fit, or I was filled with fear and doubt about whether I could thrive — or even survive! — again in the business world. Then, when I least expected it, opportunity came knocking. And when I opened the door I finally found myself face-to-face with an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Sure, I doubted myself. Naturally, I made excuses (good ones, too!). But then I unleashed my inner-bungee jumper and decided to leap wildly into whatever the future holds.

I happened to stumble upon a new company while seeking more natural options for my family. I eat organic, non GMO. I drink uber-filtered alkalinized water. I try to Go Green whenever possible. But beauty products? That was a stretch. Nothing I found in the personal care section of Whole Foods ever really worked. And then I met Monat– the fastest growing direct selling company entirely dedicated to the anti-aging haircare market, offering naturally based products with clinically proven results. That’s it. It’s shampoo and conditioner… but it totally transforms your hair and reverses the aging process (longer, stronger, thicker, softer, shinier, and will REGROW thinning and balding heads too!) and has turned my life upside-down in the most incredible way.

In the one year since joining this company I’ve built a community of 1000+ individuals who are on the same journey. I earned the first Monat-sponsored Cadillac on the road in California, and helped 7 of my team members qualify for Cadillacs of their own. I’ve had a blast, I’ve made incredible friends, I’ve watched many of the women in my circle transform into successful working moms, I’ve watched my incredible husband fill my mom-shoes when necessary, and — on top of it all — I’m earning a six-figure income. What I had considered to be potentially lucrative “side-hustle” has transformed into a legitimate career of which I am immensely proud, but more importantly — I am fulfilled.

I want to be clear: I am not some beauty guru; I do not have 5,000 friends; I am not a natural sales person; and I am not at the tippy-top of this organization. However, I have been incredibly successful simply by following a system, learning as I go, and truly believe in my company, its products, and the ability of anyone who chooses to follow my path to be as successful, if not more so.

If you’ve been thinking about what’s next in your life, feeling like something bigger and brighter is out there, shampoo just might be your gig too. Sound crazy? It did to me too. But the things you regret most are the risks you didn’t take. I’m looking to add some more stellar people to the team and personally mentor them to success! For more info on magic shampoo or to join my team visit

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