If You Have Any Of These 8 Toys From the 90’s, You Could Get Rich Overnight

Updated September 22, 2017

If you have any of these popular 90's toys, you could get rich real quick!


Whether you had little ones who grew up in the 90’s or you were a 90’s kid yourself, there’s no denying that there were some serious fads when it came to the toys! Remember Beanie Babies??

If you happened to hold on to any of your favorite 90’s toys, you’re pretty brilliant. As it turns out, some of those seemingly useless and old toys are actually worth a pretty penny.

Now might be the perfect time to start checking out those old storage boxes and see if you have any of these collectables stocked away- they could make you some extra cash!

Check out these 8 90’s toys that people are willing to shell out some major cash for. Hopefully you still have them all!

Polly Pocket: This petite fashionista had a mini world all her own that young kids loved to play with in the 90’s. Polly Pocket merchandise was discontinued in 2105, making all those toys a lot more special today. Some of the Polly Pocket sets are selling on Ebay for up to $900! Obviously unopened sets are worth the most, but there are people still willing to pay hundreds for other rare pieces.

Tamagotchi: Remember these little electronic keychain pets? While they may have been almost impossible to keep alive, this 90’s fan can earn you thousands. Bundles of 3 original Tamagotchis are going for $2,250 right now, and even the non-original versions can be sold for a few hundred dollars.

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My Pretty Ballerina: If you ever wanted to be a dancer, you probably had this spinning ballerina doll. The boxed dolls are going for around $100 on Ebay currently.

My Size Barbie: While Barbie is still a major hit in toy stores today, the My Size Barbie was a total 90’s trend. The doll was about the same size as a young child and so much fun for kids to play with. The jumbo dolls are being sold for $200-$300 on Ebay.

Doodle Bear: Every child loves these fun stuffed animals. You could draw all over them with special markers, wash them, and start all over again! While it’s pretty rare to find one of these creative toys still in its original packaging, you can see it for around $80.

Princess Diana Beanie Baby: This toy is perhaps one of the most coveted toys from the 90’s, and the one that can make you the most money. First edition bears are being sold for $500,000, while other, less-rare versions are still worth thousands of dollars. While the Princess Di Beanie Baby is no doubt the most popular, there are other Beanie Babies that are still worth a lot of cash- rare bears and toys with typos can go for a couple thousand as well.

Baby Alive: The popular doll not only made noise, but she ate and soiled her own diaper too. If you still have one of these 90’s classics in its original box, you could make around $2,000.

Samantha American Girl Doll: American Girl dolls are still a hit today, but they definitely reached peak popularity in the 90’s. The most coveted doll of them all? Samantha! The doll on its own could be worth 1 or 2 thousand, while the full set is being sold for around $5,000.

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Do you have any of these 90’s toys? Are you going to try to sell them if you do?

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