Get Paid $12/Hr To Surf The Internet From The Comfort Of Your Own Couch

Updated October 4, 2017

You can get paid $12 an hour to surf the Internet and provide feedback for a company based in California. Keep reading to learn more!


In 2017, it’s hard to believe surfing the Internet could possibly get any easier and more efficient than it already is.

But that’s exactly what groundbreaking companies like Leapforce are trying to do, and you can help them make it happen.

Leapforce is currently looking for Internet-savvy professionals to surf the web and provide feedback to help them create a better search engine experience for all Internet users.

Not only will you get paid at least $12 an hour to browse the web, but you’ll also get to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Leapforce, which is based in Pleasanton, California, is currently looking for “at-home independent agents” to perform search-engine evaluations on a contract basis.

Both Indeed and Glassdoor say the pay range for this type of work can start anywhere from $12 to $15/hr., depending on your previous experience.

Aside from testing out search engines, if hired for this position you will also be asked to evaluate videos and map software and automation.

According to the job posting, which is currently only available to U.S. residents: “Leapforce is looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Applicants must be self motivated and internet savvy. As a search engine evaluator, you may participate in a number of different evaluation projects, including web search, video evaluation, maps, local, automation projects, etc.”

How To Score This Gig

To become a Search Engine Evaluator with Leapforce, you must have the following skills and work experience, according to the job posting:

Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with American social culture, media, and web culture

Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English

Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus

University degree or equivalent experience (degrees in-progress are acceptable). Advanced degrees a plus

Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Possess a high-speed internet connection (Cable Modem, Fiber, DSL, etc.)

Use of an Android phone version 4.1 or higher, Windows phone version 8.1 or higher, or an iPhone version 4s or higher

After heading to the site, select U.S. English as your language of choice in the dropdown menu to apply for this particular position.

As the posting states, you absolutely must have a four-year college degree to qualify for this position, but post-graduate degrees are certainly a plus on your application.

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