Check Your Cabinets: These Vintage Pyrex Bowls Are Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Updated October 24, 2017

Read on to see how you can make some serious money if you're willing to part with these vintage Pyrex bowls.


With the end of 2017 mere months away, have you already begun thinking about your resolutions for the new year? Perhaps you want to de-clutter your home a bit, or maybe you’re looking to make and save more money. Well, we have good news for you: if you happen to be holding on to a certain set of Pyrex bowls, you could be rich as well as clutter free!

That’s right: a vintage set of Pyrex glassware is apparently worth thousands of dollars. Now’s the perfect time to clean our your kitchen and see if one of these beauties is hiding in the back of your cabinets. If you can’t find anything or if you’re certain you don’t own any Pyrex bowls, starting hitting up garage sales and the like during your free time- you never know what treasures you may come across! We could all use an extra couple thousand dollars, right?

Here’s what to look for while you’re scouring the internet and yard sales: vintage dishes made between 1915 and 1970. The ones that are making the most money are opaque, brightly colored Pyrex bowls with geometric designs. Chances are, your grandmother had a few. If she still has them doesn’t mind handing them over to you, you could making some pretty sweet cash.

It looks like various Pyrex pieces are selling for as much as $1,800 online, and some single bowls are going for $900! And it’s not just bowls, either- a vintage Pyrex mug is currently being sold on Etsy for $700.

So why all the hype? Apparently, up until 1970’s Pyrex goods were made with a type of glass that was more durable and harder to break.

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Anyone who’s ever own anything from Pyrex knows that their items definitely can break, but these vintage items have some serious appeal.

It’s hard to Pink a favorite! Each for sale on Etsy at link in profile.

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Since 1970, Pyrex items have become more fragile, though, and the glassware made before this time are freezer and oven safe as well.

It might be surprises to hear that Pyrex glass and dish ware has such a following, but as soon as you look into it, you’ll be amazed to see how many Facebook groups and online chat rooms are dedicated to collecting and selling Pyrex goods.

Just type in #pyrexjunkie on Instagram too see just how many people are seeking and sharing these decorative bowls- it’s pretty mind blowing!

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So, whether you’re looking to start your own stunning Pyrex collection, or make some cash, there’s a whole world of Pyrex retail available for you!

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