5 Apps That Will Help You Earn Tons Of Extra Cash

Updated December 1, 2017

You can start earning money today just by downloading a few extra apps on your smartphone. Keep reading to learn more!


How often do you find yourself idly browsing through your phone with no real end game? Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram; reading old tweets—we all do it when we’re bored.

Thanks to smartphones, we always have something to do, something to look at. But that doesn’t mean you should be wasting your time scrolling through apps for no reason.

With barely any effort, many of your favorite apps could actually help you earn money in your free time.

While you’re not going to get rich downloading apps, you can quickly make a little extra cash by basically doing nothing.

Here are just a few apps that will actually pay you:


This app actually pays you money to shop for items you were already going to buy. Thanks to Rakuten, you can earn up to 40 percent cash back by shopping directly through Rakuten, rather than going straight to the retailer’s website. Even better, Rakuten will pay you $50 for referring two friends to the awesome service. Simply download the app and create a Paypal account, if you don’t already have one. Every three months, Rakuten will deposit your cash back into your account—it really is that simple!

Pay Your Selfie

Do you love taking selfies? Then we sure have the app for you! Pay Your Selfie works exactly like it sounds like—take a selfie and earn money for it. The app has been compared to a selfie scavenger hunt, one where you get paid for selfies that show you doing specific things. Pay Your Selfie will send you a list of selfie tasks, and once you complete them, you can earn anywhere from 20¢ to $1 per selfie.


This app is perfect for anybody who needs that extra push to start getting in shape. Essentially, Sweatcoin pays its users digital coins in exchange for exercise. According to CBS News, 1,000 steps will earn users one digital coin. Over time, these coins add up and can be exchanged for real products and services—workout gear, yoga classes, etc.

“Sweatcoin really does function like money. Vendors are accepting it as payment. And I can send Sweatcoins to you. You can send Sweatcoins to me,” Oleg Fomenko, the co-founder of Sweatcoin, told CBS News.


Ibotta is one of the most popular shopping apps out there, and it’s made a name for itself as an app that truly does help its users earn extra cash. Here’s how it works: Download the free app, unlock cash rewards before shopping, complete simple tasks, and start shopping. Once you’re done, just scan your product barcodes and take a photo of your receipt for proof of purchase. This is a very simple way to make some extra money on the side while shopping for things you already planned on buying.


This is an app that saves you money like nobody’s business by simply pointing out areas where you could trim your spending habits. Maybe you’ve been paying for a Hulu account for years after your favorite show got cancelled, or you signed up for a free trial ages ago that ended up charging you monthly. If it’s there, Trim will find it. Thanks to this revolutionary app, you could soon have tons of extra cash in your pocket just by cutting out the excess.

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