24 High-Paying Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas!

Updated September 20, 2017

Take a look at this wide variety of work-from-home jobs that will help you make great money without having to leave your house!


Don’t you hate it when your alarm goes on off in the morning for work? Don’t you wish you could just stay in your pajamas all day, but still make money? That’s why working from home is such a great option! You can still make some cash without having to wear a uniform or a nice suit. You don’t even have to get out of bed! One of the hardest parts about looking for a job from home is finding one that actually pays well. We’ve compiled a list of companies that hire people to work from home, and they pay over $16 an hour.

Check out these work-from-home jobs and see which one is the best for you! Wouldn’t you like to make some extra money from the comfort of your own home?

If you’re interested in telephone work such as telemarketing or customer service, be sure to check out Brighten Communications, Working Solutions, Arise, and American Express. Brighten Solutions employs telemarketers based in the United States and pays up to $18 an hour, while Working Solutions has positions such as telemarketing, remote agents, and CRM solutions. While the payment is per project, you can make up to $30 an hour. Arise and American express hire contract workers to perform customer service from any location. Arise offers a flexible schedule and pays between $10-$20 an hour, and American Express wants their at-home employees to work at least 40 hours a week. The pay starts at $16 an hour but you can make up to $28.

If transcription is more your style, check out companies like TranscribeMe, Rev, Quicktate, Time Etc, 3 Play Media, and SpectraMedi. These companies each offer at least $16 for audio transcription services, and you can chose your own schedule for some of them.

Search and social media evaluators can also make great money working from home! Take a long at companies like Appen Butler Hill and LeapForce if you’re interested in assessing search engines or being a social media evaluator.

If you think you’d make a great tutor, you can perform that kind of work from home online! Companies like Chegg, Magoosh, and Manhattan Prep allow you to become an online tutor and work your own hours. Most of these companies pay at least $20 an hour for tutor work.

If being a virtual assistant is more your style, head over to Worldwide101, Virtual Office Temps, or ShowMojo. Virtual assistants can make at least $20 an hour as well.

Proofreading or Editing are also great work-from-home jobs. American Journal Experts and Book in a Box are frequently looking for writing and editing roles that pay well!

These other companies don’t really fit into a specific box, but may be something you’d enjoy:
StitchFix frequently looks for fashion-savvy employees to share style tips for $16 an hour, while ETS needs folks to grade various test for around $20 an hour, and CrowdSource looks for people to perform all kinds of tasks, such as marketing, profile verification, writing and text editing. You can make between $15-$30 depending on the task!

Do any of these work-from-home jobs seem like something you’d enjoy? Let us know!

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