Updated July 7, 2020

Here is a regularly updated list of Instant Win Games! Thousands of awesome prizes available to win in these & each will tell you IMMEDIATELY if you win!

free isntant win games

🍀 Feeling lucky? There are thousands of awesome prizes you can win in the Instant Win games below and each will tell you IMMEDIATELY if you win! Bookmark this page to play everyday to maximize your chances of winning.

Instant Win Games are games of chance with an instant outcome meaning that you play the game and you find out instantly if you’ve won or not (you don’t have to wait for the end of the entry period like in traditional sweepstakes), which makes them very exciting.

We’ve compiled a list of all the best INSTANT WIN games to save you time. Each of these listed below offer a large number of prizes (which means a higher chance for you to win) and awesome prizes. See our tips to increase your chances of winning Instant Win games at the bottom of the page. To get started, click the links below to enter and find out right away if you win something! Good luck!

– It’s back! Over 2 million FREE Starbucks prizes in the 2020 Starbucks Starland Instant Win game.

1,000 FREE $10 Venmo payouts from Arnold Palmer

2,870 Miller Lite hats, t-shirts, jackets are up for grabs

5,000+ FREE Velveeta products in INSTANT WIN game. Play daily

1,000,000 FREE Starbucks Prizes

FREE Garnier Fructis Hair Masks

850 FREE $55 Amazon gift cards in Navigator “Spin & Win” INSTANT WIN game

FREE Canteens, Tumblers, cooler bags in Matua “Find Your Chill” INSTANT WIN Game

FREE Circle K Scratch & Match INSTANT Win Game (3+ Million prizes!)

10,000 FREE Herr’s products in INSTANT WIN game

FREE Weber grills in Kraft’s new INSTANT WIN game.

FREE Snickers prizes. Prizes include t-shirts, tote bags, socks, and more.

FREE Longhorn ‘PBR World Finals’ t-shirts & hats in INSTANT WIN game.

5,000 FREE Miller Lite Summer 2020 in INSTANT WIN Game. Prizes include: Bucket Hats, Pool Floats, Floating Coolers, Lawn Chairs etc…

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 10,000 FREE Gatorade custom GX bottles

Here are some tips to win INSTANT WIN games:

– Be consistent and persistent! You won’t win if you don’t enter. The more often you enter, the more likely you are to win. Keep a list of all you instant win games you’re interested in entering and go through it every day. You can bookmark this page that is consistently updated with new instant win games. We select and list only the best ones. What makes a great instant win game is 1- the number of prizes (the more prizes, the better your chances of winning) and 2- the type of prizes (many instant win games offer big ticket items!)

– Use a dedicated Email Address to enter Instant Win games. It helps you be organized with you instant win game entries. Check it once daily.

– Most browsers and devices offer form auto-fill options. This saves you a lot of time as you won’t have to enter your information from sratch on each form, you can just pre-populate them. This will also help avoid any typos.

– Take Advantage of Bonus Entries for Sweepstakes Referrals. Many giveaways give you additional chances to win if you tell your friends about it, either by sharing on social media or via email.

– Respond to win notification promptly as some prizes might get forfeited if no answer is given within a given period of time.

– What are the Odds to Winning Instantly? It depends on the number of prizes and number of entrants for each game. .

– When to enter? Time of entry matters slightly. Your chances are typically better during non-peak time as there is less people playing the instant win games so you compete against less people. Very early morning or very late at night for examples. If you are the first person to play after a predetermined winning time, you’ll win! It’s always a good time to change up your entry times to increase your chances as the way to pick winners varies with each instant win game.

– Entering instant win games and sweepstakes in general can take time so only enter the ones that offer prizes you want and would use.

– For instant win games that allow multiple entries per day, spread your plays throughout the day to increase your odds of winning.

– Don’t give up. You might not win anything for a few weeks and you could win 2 prizes in a week that make it all worth it!

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