How to Save Money this Holiday Season

Updated September 5, 2021

The end of Thanksgiving marks that special time of year when the holiday season kicks off. In order to save money, many people rise early so they can get great those amazing Black Friday sales. If waking up incredibly early isn’t your style but saving money is, you’ve come to the right place! We have gathered some great tips that will not only help you save money, but will also keep your holiday season on track and in control.

1. Organize with Lists

A great way to save money during the hectic holiday season is to stay organized. And what better way to be organized than with making lists! For starters, make a list of all the people you need to buy gifts for. Once you have this list made, create a budget is and figure out how much you can spend on each person. This way you will not spend too much and you will know where your money is going. The last thing you need is a surprise credit card bill at the end of the month that breaks the bank.

2. Avoid Impulse Purchases

In order to stay within your budget, it is best that you make a plan before you hit the stores. If you go into the different stores already knowing what you’re going to buy, you will be less likely to impulse purchase. Many times, it’s those impulse buys that cause the spending to spin out of control. Planning your purchases beforehand and establishing a budget for everyone on your list will help ensure you don’t spend more than you should.

3. Use Free Samples as Stocking Stuffers

Have you been checking out the daily free samples offered on FreeFlys? Many of these samples make great stocking stuffers! The best part about them is they are free! They are also a great way for your family and friends to test new products! Browse through our different categories and find the best sample types for everyone on your list!

4. Use Coupons

A great way to save money during the entire year is to use coupons! This shouldn’t change when it comes to buying holiday gifts for those you love! Check out our Coupons Section! There are tons of great coupons that can help you save lots of money! Our Coupons section is also great because it can help you brainstorm ideas of what to buy all the people on your list.

5. Be Smart with your Money

The greatest thing to remember when it comes to holiday shopping is to be smart with your money. An easy and effective way to be smart with your money is to comparison shop. Many stores will match other stores that are offering a lower price. If not, go to the store that offers the product at the lowest price. You should not spend more than you have to! Another way to be smart with your money is to save all your receipts! Sometimes a better deal is offered later on and if you have all you receipts stored in the same, easy location, you can get some of your money back. Saving receipts is also helpful if you have to return something. (Make sure you familiarize yourself with return policies before you purchase your gifts).


The holiday season tends to be a chaotic time of year, but it doesn’t have to be! If you take control, stay organized, and act smartly with your money, you are sure to have a great holiday!



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