The Best Times To Buy Presents So You Pay The Lowest Price

We may not even be halfway through November yet, but everybody is already thinking the same thing: when should we start buying Christmas gifts?

The best way to tackle Christmas is always to buy early and spend bits of money throughout the year, but who actually does that?

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If you’re already behind on your holiday shopping (like we are), don’t panic. There’s still plenty of time to buy everything on your list for great prices.



The big sales are going to hit any day now, but you have to know when to buy what at the right time. Hint: Black Friday isn’t the best time to get everything.

Here are our best tips for getting all your holiday shopping done on a budget:

  1. Buy Toys in December: Do your kids already have their Toys R’ Us list prepped and ready to go? That’s probably because toy stores are sending out their own lists of “hot toys” out earlier and earlier every year. Releasing this kind of news in November pushes parents to buy these toys as early as they possibly can, which drives up the chances of these retailers selling out sooner. By doing this, the stores are hoping they don’t have to discount any toys in high-demand. So, when it’s just a week or two until Christmas, retailers will start marking down all those “hot toys” out of fear that they won’t sell. Do yourself a favor and wait to buy those expensive toys until the second of third week of December. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the deals!
  1. Buy Electronics on Black Friday: Toys may not be majorly discounted until December, but electronics are an entirely different story. Black Friday really is the best time to get vastly marked down prices on electronics, like HDTVs, music players, laptops, stereo systems, video game consoles, and even video games. If what you want is a great deal, then you should definitely consider getting an early start in line at Wal-Mart or BestBuy. They’ll have the best deals around on every electronic you could imagine on Black Friday.
  1. Buy Jewelry Early: Although toys and electronics will be discounted substantially throughout the holidays, jewelry will be quite a bit more expensive. If you were planning on buying that special someone a beautiful new necklace or the tennis bracelet they’ve been asking for all year, either get on it right now or wait until after the holidays—even Valentine’s Day—have ended. Jewelry stores tend to hike up their prices around the holidays, knowing you don’t have too many options to choose from. If you do plan on buying jewelry now, we suggest checking out Macy’s, which tends to have gorgeous jewelry and great discounts.
  1. Buy Hardware in December: Looking for that top-of-the-line toolbox set for Dad? High quality took boxes will cost you a pretty penny, but we know you only want to buy the best for your loved ones. November and December—and July—are great months to purchase top-shelf tools, but December really does reign king for holiday deals. The sales are going to start around Black Friday, but expect prices to really plummet in mid-December. Want to start looking now? Check outTarget and Wal-Mart online! Note: Amazon will always have great deals, especially if you have Prime.
  1. Buy Clothes on Black Friday or Wait: Black Friday will prove to have awesome deals on everything, but if you really want to get the greatest discounts possible, wait until January. After Christmas, huge sales break out in department stores across the nation. If you’re buying clothes for Christmas gifts, use the 40% rule on Black Friday. If it’s not 40% (or more) marked down, then you’ll probably find better deals in January. If you’re looking for great deals everywhere, check out TargetWal-Mart, and Kohl’s—they’ll have amazing sales on Black Friday. Looking for discounts on your favorite brand names? Get toMacy’sNordstromForever 21Urban Outfitters, and H&M early on Black Friday.
  1. IOU until January: Once Christmas is over, every department store will be trying to sell as much as possible. So, if somebody on your list asked for something especially expensive, then let them know you plan on getting it in January, when everything is super marked down. We don’t suggest doing this for everything, but if buying something big is bound to set you back, we’re sure the gift recipient will be fine with receiving their big present a couple weeks late.

What’s your plan for holiday shopping this year? How do you find the best deals? Let us know in the comments!