The Treehouse Of Your Childhood Dreams Exists In This Woman’s Yard

When Jeri Wakefield was just 14-years-old she prayed that one day she would be the best grandmother she could be and give her grandchildren a lifetime of happy memories.

“When I was 14 years old, I wrote myself a letter, which I still have,” the loving grandma told Houzz. “It reads, ‘No matter what happens in my life, I pray that I can be the best grandmother possible. I want my grandchildren to have happy memories of their childhood.’”

She also always dreamed of building her very own treehouse—and both of those childhood wishes have now come true.


With the help of her husband, Steve, family, friends, and neighbors, Jeri’s unbelievable treehouse outside her Dallas home has become a local attraction for neighborhood kids and their parents.

Complete with an entry hall, kitchen, reading nook, music room, sleeping loft, climbing walls, a slide, and a zip-line, the Wakefields’ treehouse has even become a venue for children’s birthday parties.

Nancy, a friend of Jeri’s, told AOL that the treehouse is a special place for adults to feel like they did when they were still young.

“Obviously we’re older, but I was like a five-year-old kid again,” she explained. “And that’s what happens to me when I go in the treehouse.”


For Jeri, what started as a childhood dream has morphed into a huge gift to not only her own grandsons, but the entire community!

Check out a video of this amazing treehouse below now!

Video Credit: Houzz TV via