8 Helpful Tips For Having A Lavish Thanksgiving On A Tight Budget

Is Thanksgiving being hosted at your house this year? If so, then you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to do all the cooking, cleaning, and entertaining for the big day.

But in the back of your mind, we’re sure you’re also wondering: How am I going to feed all these people on a budget?

It’s hard to map out a Thanksgiving budget when there are so many essential staples needed to make the day a success.

Still, everybody has a budget and the first step is always figuring how much you can spend to make your Thanksgiving a day to remember.

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Besides setting a spending goal, there are tons of other ways you can cut the costs of your Thanksgiving, while still preparing a feast everybody in your family will enjoy!

Here are our helpful tips for preparing a lavish Thanksgiving on a tight budget:

  1. Buy What’s in Season: Thinking about preparing asparagus for the 12 family members coming for Thanksgiving? Think again! Anything that isn’t in season in November is going to cost you an arm and a leg—not to mention they’re less flavorful as when they’re in season. Brussel sprouts are in season throughout November, so think about what you can make with that delicious green veggie. Tip: You won’t have to buy as many Brussel sprouts if you slice them during preparation.
  2. Buy a Supermarket Turkey: We’d all love to have a juicy heritage turkey this Thanksgiving, but are the supreme flavors and textures really worth the extra cash? A 14-pound heritage turkey costs around $140—that’s $10 per pound! Supermarket turkeys only cost around $2 per pound, and you can get perfect flavoring by brining it.
  3. Make It a Potluck: Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and a lot of food, but who said that means you’re solely responsible for all that food? If you’re hosting at your house, then it tends to be tradition that you cook the turkey and a few other staples. However, if you tell each of your guests to bring one item for dinner, then you’ll have a huge feast at a fraction of the cost to you!
  4. Buy Frozen/Canned: Buying frozen veggies will save you a ton of money without losing any flavor. In fact, many say that frozen vegetables taste far better than fresh ones that are already out of season. Frozen vegetables barely lose any flavor during the freezing process, so they’re always excellent (and cheap) options for any holiday. Also, pumpkin pie filling is especially tasty from the can. For less than $2, you’ll have half of your pumpkin pie ready in no time!
  5. Buy in Bulk: If you’re not already in the habit of buying in bulk, then now is absolutely the time to start. Thanksgiving is all about eating, so there’s no better place than Costco or Sam’s Club to pick up all the rolls, desserts, appetizers, and sides you need before the big day. Never buy something in bulk that you don’t think will get eaten, but it is always the best choice for items you know will disappear on the table in a heartbeat.
  6. Buy Early: We can’t emphasize this any further: buy anything you can as early as possible. If you see anything, like cranberries or squash, on sale early, then buy it and freeze it. If you wait until the last minute, those deals will be gone and the lines will be out the door. The closer we get to Thanksgiving Day, the less stores will have in stock. So, if you want great deals, then start looking now!
  7. DIY Decorations: It doesn’t take a lot to create a warm ambiance for Thanksgiving, but most people usually overspend on decorations. Search your local dollar stores for great deals on festive decorations, like candles and table settings. Also, look around for inexpensive natural decorations, like small pumpkins and squash. If you have kids, this is the perfect time to create a fun-filled arts and crafts day for them! Banners, wreaths, and turkey decorations can all be made just by stopping by your local arts and crafts store.
  8. Keep It Simple: Drinks and appetizers are the perfect start to any good party, but they can get pretty expensive way too quickly. The best way to spend less and still keep your guests happy is to serve “signature” food and drinks. Instead of stocking your bar full of enough alcohol to keep anybody coming over happy, serve everybody your signature drink. That way, it looks like you just want to show your guests your bartending skills and you only have to buy one type of alcohol and maybe some juice. As far as appetizers go, make one or two chef-inspired treats and call it a day. Make easy stuffed mushrooms or some bruschetta. With just a few ingredients, it’ll look like your spend a lot of time (and money), but you won’t break the bank!

Do you have any helpful tips for having a great Thanksgiving on a tight budget? If so, tell us in the comments!