This Restaurant Is On The Hunt For A Professional Pizza Eater

Updated October 16, 2017

Read on to see if you have what it takes to become a professional pizza taster for Bath Pizza Co.!


What’s your ultimate dream job? Maybe you’re already enjoying the career of your dreams, or maybe the job you’ve always longed for isn’t even a real option- it’s just something you fantasize about. For all of those pizza lovers out there, we have the perfect job for you! It sounds like a completely made up role, but it’s real…and if pizza is one of your passions, you might want to to sign up for this tasty opportunity.

A pizza company overseas posted a job that sounds seriously amazing: professional pizza taster. That’s right, your job responsibilities would include coming into work and tasting delicious pizza slices all day.

Bath Pizza Co. is on the hunt for one special person to taste all of their delectable slices. Their job posting went viral, and it’s easy to see why. This amazing opportunity seems like a made up position! According to Bath Pizza’s job posting, they’re looking for a “pizza connoisseur with a love for wood fired flavors.” Does that sound like you?

Apparently, Bath Pizza Co. is working on a new menu, so they need someone to help out with tasting all of their new recipes and pizza pies. This professional pizza taster will help to sort out all of the recipe kinks, and ensure that everything tastes perfect before the menu is released to the public.

Loving pizza and being willing to try out new flavors everyday is a big part of the job, but you also have to be able to give honest and helpful feedback to Bath’s chefs to help them get every pizza just right!

Don’t get us wrong, tasting pizza for a job sounds incredible, but you have to have a pretty diverse pallet for this role. The person who fills the professional pizza tasting position should feel comfortable trying all kinds of new things- not just plain cheese pizzas! Bath Pizza Co. is known for enhancing their pizzas with all kinds of wild and creative toppings.

Take a look at a few of their pies:

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re seriously interested in the role:

-You’d only clock in for 2 hours a week.
-You’d work with management on a specific day (or days) Monday through Friday.
-The pay rate has not been specified in the posting, but it claims that their rates are “competitive with serious pizza perks.”
-Bath Pizza Co. is located in Somerset, England, but candidates from all over are encouraged to apply.
-The company is so serious about finding the perfect person, that they offered to “pay for flights, train fares or fuel costs for the right candidate.”

Still interested? Fill out an application here and see if “professional pizza taster” could be your next job title!

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