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  Free Other Samples

There are lots of freebies online available that we know how to find. But sometimes they don't fit into a category, so we'll list lots of freebies here. We have free offers for free dog food samples and wellness dog food brands (including dry dog food). We'll also will get detergents for free and freebie batteries.
Many leading brands would like your opinion on their products.
Click on any of the products below to request a free sample!

1- Free Scotch Tape 2-pack
Most Target stores have a Scotch Tape 2-pack located in "The One Spot" area of the store. Use this $1.00 off coupon to make a Scotch Tape 2-pack FREE!
2- Free Purina Pet Products
Enter to win 1 of 40,000 FREE Purina product coupons! Ends August 11th.
3- Free Fancy Feast broths
Free sample of Fancy Feast Broths!
4- Free Budweiser Glass
Enter to win 1 of 7,500 FREE Budweiser Nascar Glassware! Must be 21+. Ends December 31, 2014.
5- Free $10 American Express Gift card
Enter to win 1 of 1,000 FREE American Express Gift Cards from Five Star! You can enter once per day. Ends September 2nd.
6- Free $6 to H&M
Send a friend a FREE $6 to H&M! To get this freebies choose which friend you would like to send this gift to. Then click on 'H&M $6- FREE.' Write a message and click 'GIVE.' Don't forget to ask your friend to send it back to you! Please note the gift will be valid for 30 days. You must redeem this o...
7- Free sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
Take the pledge to get a FREE sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight! To get the sample click on 'Take the pledge and get a FREE sample.'
8- Free Purina Food Bag Clip
Get a FREE Purina My Cat Chow food bag clip. Here is how: 1. create an account and you will get 10,000 points. Then go to activities section and complete simple activities until you reach 11,000 points. Once you get 11,000 points you can click on the 'rewards' tab to request a FREE Food Bag Clip.
9- Free sample pack from P&G
Get a free P&G sample pack! To request this sample pack either 'sign up' or 'sign in'
10- 2 Free Fly Ribbon 4-Pack
Get 2 FREE Fly Ribbon 4-packs with coupon at Walmart! Walmart stores have Raid Fly Ribbon 4-packs available for $0.75 -$1.50, so with this $3 off any 2 coupon it makes them both FREE!
11- Free sample of Meow Mix
Get a FREE sample of Meow Mix
12- Free 2015 Pillsbury Calendar
Enter to win 1 of 50,000 FREE Pillsbury Calendars! Ends August 3rd. You can enter 4 times each week.
13- Free sample of Cesar Savory Delights Dog Food
Send a friend a FREE sample of Cesar Savory Delights Dog Food. Make sure to ask them to send you one back.
14- Free Dooney & Bourke Purse
Enter to win a FREE Dooney & Bourke Small Florentine Satchel (8L980). NOT AVAILABLE ON MOBILE! Ends July 31st.
15- Free Red Dress Pin
Get a FREE Go Red For Women Red Dress Pin. NOT AVAILABLE ON MOBILE!
16- Free International Delight Tumbler
Enter to win 1 of 1,300 FREE International Delight Tumblers! They are giving away 100 each week until August 29th.
17- Free Weber Grill
Enter to win 1 of 105 FREE Weber Grills (Weber Spirit E-210 grill, $499.99 value). You can enter each day until September 2nd!
18- Free Cutter Citronella Candle
Get a FREE Cutter Citronella Candle at Walmart! Currently Walmart has the Cutter Citronella candles on sale for $0.97.

$0.97 Cutter Citronella Candle
- $1 off printable coupon
= FREE Cutter Citronella Candle
19- Free $10 Amazon Gift Card
Enter to win 1 of 10,001 FREE $10 Amazon gift cards in an instant win game! You can play once a day until December 31, 2014! You must say you are 13-17 years old to enter the giveaway.
20- Free sample of Tampico Spice
Get a FREE sample of Tampico Spice
21- Free gift from The Weather Channel
Get a FREE gift from The Weather Channel!
22- Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy
Enter to win 1 of 4,650 FREE Skinny Cow prizes that include free Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy product coupons, gift cards, Skinny Cow tumbler, Skinny Cow blanket, and more! Ends August 4th!
23- Free sample of BioTrue contact solution
Get a FREE sample of Bausch + Lomb BioTrue contact solution.
24- Free Samples and Deals for Moms
Get access to coupons, savings and free samples exclusive for moms!
25- Free Samples and more with Shoppers Voice®
Get Free Samples and more with Shoppers Voice®
26- Free postcard from Postagram®
Send a FREE postcard with your facebook photos from Postagram®
27- Free photo editing tool from Pixlr®
Download this FREE photo editing service from Pixlr®. Pixlr lets you crop, change color, adjust light, and tweak your photos for FREE.

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